Private photography

A good portrait photo does not only show the best version of your looks. The best portraits show who you really are as a person. Whether you are a professional model, or just want beautiful pictures of yourself. We offer a wide variety of possibilities. Have your shoot in our studio, or on location. To achieve the best results, we will assess the purpose of your photos and the social media channels where you’d like to publish your images.

Portrait photography in our studio

For our studio portraits, we can create all circumstances exactly the way you want them. With a colourful background, a logo, or a calming environment that does not distract from your person.

Portrait photography on location

Photos at a site that best suits your time in the spotlight. At the dunes, on the beach, or at another location of your choice. Having your pictures taken at a place of your choice adds significantly to making your portraits very much ‘your own’ and unique.

Good guidance for portraits

Of course we discuss the image you have in mind beforehand. I give professional suggestions, appropriate for that type of photo. It’s my job to exceed your expectations! You will also receive guidance and instructions about clothing and posture before and during the shoot. This way you will come across confidently and at your best.

Our portrait photos

View examples in the portrait photography gallery of Jos Laarhoven Photography. And contact us to discuss the possibilities without obligation.

A super nice studio with good facilities. Jos helped me a lot and was able to give me useful directions, so that I soon felt at ease. Highly recommended as well for the less experienced models.

Tirsa Hoek (June 2020)

Jos Laarhoven knows how to create a relaxed atmosphere in a short time. It was a very pleasant collaboration. Professional, relaxed and smooth: highly recommended!

Make-up artist Beauty_by_suuss (April 2020)

Do you also want beautiful pictures of yourself?

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